Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Spy...(at Anthropologie!)

I have mentioned the wonderfully talented Kara Paslay here before (above picture borrowed from her blog). Her husband made my concrete table top...which we are still just loving! In fact, Kara also showed recently how she "concreted" her entry wall. Brilliant!

Well...Kara now works for our local Anthropology store as the display coordinator. What a fun job, and Kara is absolutely perfect for it! I follow her blog, and have loved seeing some of the displays she has done there.

The other day, I had a few minutes to browse through the store (quick iphone picture above). I had seen this nautical themed display on Kara's blog, but in person I noticed an exciting detail. A pulley! From my shop! Kara bought it from my shop a while back and it was so much fun to see it sitting there in the display of one of my favorite stores. So thanks, Kara, for that little thrill. ALL of your work looks great! Here's a closer look at that pulley...

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Cat & Cricket said...

ohhh.. I like when you play eye spy!
Now i might go and get into some trouble!