Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday's Flea Finds

Good stuff found yesterday....soon to be here!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Memories in a bucket...

If only vintage items could talk. They would have such stories to tell! Judy from San Antonio, Texas wrote me about my Purina Feed Bucket. She has one just like it, and it certainly has a story. Thank you Judy for letting me share it!

Judy says..
"...I am an Okie by birth [Stillwater] and have GOT to share info with you!
my Daddy and Mama lived on a farm south of Ft Worth for about twenty
years after Daddy retired - he had cows, and treated them like indoor pets - he
hand-fed them what he called "sweet feed" every day, from a Purina bucket
like the one you have listed!
the three holes secured a curved handhold, and mine still has it
my Daddy passed some years back, and the Purina bucket is one of
my treasures, but not as much as I treasure the memories of my lovely
father, of course..."

I love that Judy's Daddy treated his cows like indoor pets. He sounds like such a sweet man. Thanks again Judy, and Happy Father's Day weekend everyone!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

So excited for Poppytalk's Here Comes the Sun market! Here's a sneak peak at the goodies going on my "table"....available for purchase on Monday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I bought something NEW

I like vintage. You may have guessed that. But every once and a while, something NEW catches my eye. I was at Pottery Barn last weekend, and fell in love with this wonderfully round bird cage. And it was on SALE. And I bought it.
(It's sold out online, so check your store quick if you have to have it too!)
The lady that checked me out wanted to help me decide what to put in it. And so did the lady standing in line behind me...votives! plants! pinecones! no, no, no! (but thank you, ladies)
I still don't know what (if anything) I will put in it. I thought I would browse through Etsy for some ideas:

Primitive Miniature Chair
(you know, for the hypothetical bird in that cage) from stanley:

Croquet balls
from thepetitemarket:

Big Ben Alarm Clock from MidwestFinds:

Milk glass bud vases from jwhite2:

Toy Bowling Pins and Ball
from CampHobachee:

Oh, this is fun, I could go on and on...and yes, all of that stuff was from the vintage side of Etsy...I like vintage!