Wednesday, October 24, 2012

InStyle Magazine (and a coupon!)

Bellalulu is IN November's InStyle magazine.  Wow, I can't believe it.  Printed in the magazine is a coupon code for 20% off, and I wanted to make sure and share that with you.  Use code STYLE20 for 20% off for a limited time only. 
If you are bored at the checkout lane, look for InStyle Magazine (page 272) with my friend Halle Barry on the front.  Okay, she's not really my friend, but hey, we're in the same magazine! 

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Katie said...

Hi there! I found you through the advertisement on Under the Sycamore. You have a ton of great stuff in your etsy shop. I did a google search for your blog and here you are :)

Newest Follower,