Thursday, October 18, 2012

FAUX fun.

Isn't FAUX fun?
A year or so ago, I came across my first Osa Johnson book at my local Flea Market.  It was I Married Adventure, and it has a faux tiger cover.  I had to have it!  Since then, I've collected a couple more (as seen above and here).  They make great photography props.  And I love them.

She also has a book called Four Years in Paradise with a faux giraffe cover, and it is equally wonderful.

Etsy has a great selection of faux deer:

1. cartbeforethehorse's cloth sculpture deer.  2. oelwein's pink antler tea towel
3. manafkamina's crochet deer head  4. and I loved these faux deer head souvenirs I sold not long ago

What is your favorite faux find?

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