Sunday, July 15, 2012

How 4 little old bunsen burners became famous...

Almost a year ago, I sold these 4 old bunsen burners.  It wasn't a typical sale though.  The customer wanted me to overnight them.  My husband was standing near when I was reading that request.  Really?  Someone wants some old bunsen burners, and wants them overnighted?  He got a chuckle out of that. 
Well, as I convo'ed back and forth with the customer, I realized they were headed somewhere pretty neat.  To Universal City, CA.  To the set of CSI.  For Ted Danson's character's office. 
And that's exactly where they ended up (squint really hard and follow the arrow)...they're famous!  Hi there Ted!  I feel like we know each other now, you know, kind of like how I know Harrison Ford

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Kathi said...

fun story! we have had a few things go to movie sets, etc too- it is our little brush with fame.

and the bunson burners are wonderful!