Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photography...Who me?

How is it possible that I am writing a post about photography?
Well, after several Etsy convos asking about my photography and complimenting my goes!

First of all, I didn't start off this way. It has taken the time, learning, experience and the right camera. Honestly, I am embarrassed to look back at some of my first pictures for my shop. I soon learned how very important it is on Etsy to have really good pictures of your items. It makes a HUGE difference. Even now, I am not 100% happy with all of my pictures. There is still room for improvement.

What kind of camera do I use? Canon EOS Rebel XS

How did I learn to use it? Ashley Ann Campbell's SnapShop. I learned A TON in one Saturday at Ashley's house. Before that, I always had my camera on the automatic mode. I learned how to shoot manually, and what all of those little buttons (as seen above) on the camera mean and what they do.

I am SO blessed to live in the same area as Ashley and was able to take this class at her (amazing, fun, creative ideas everywhere) house. However, she is now offering her class online. In fact, you can sign up now for the next class- it starts September 5th.

One of the many tips that I learned at the SnapShop was to *not* have the item you are photographing be perfectly in the center. It just looks more interesting if the item is slightly to the left or right of center.
What else? Well, I get A LOT of practice. Since I am adding at least one item to the shop everyday, I take a lot of pictures. This has forced me to figure out what time of day offers the best lighting. I talk almost all of my pictures in my youngest daughter's room. It has very pale aqua blue walls, and that seems to work well. And the surface? It's a simple white table from Pottery Barn Kids...also borrowed from my daughters.

And speaking of my daughters, sometimes they help me with my pictures. They love it, and I have to admit, those little hands are pretty cute!


Diana Sutherland said...

Hi Jill, I truly love your shop and merchandize; you're amazing. I am an aspiring etsy shop owner, trying to get things up and running by the new year. I will be selling vintage goodies and I would love to ask you some questions about how you made things work. I don't see an email here for you but please let me know if you would be up to answering some questions from an admirer? Thanks, Diana

Ivana Watkins said...

Very beautiful blog and shop... you got some amazing items there. I will definitely come back :).


burlap+blue said...

Great post! Photography is soo important-and your products images are beautiful! Have a lovely Sunday! xo

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Those little hands ARE pretty adorable! :)

Thank you for the wonderful tips - and I'm incredibly intrigued by the SnapShop class. (Your shop is FABulous, btw...)

Anonymous said...

i love, love, love your shop and so happy to see more of the curator behind it here through the eyes of your blog!