Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Perfect Tan?

I have been on the hunt for the perfect paint color for our new house. I am wanting a neutral, but not "blah" neutral. I want rich, perfect neutral.

I am an interior designer, and I think with paint, the safest thing is to go with a paint color that you have already seen on a wall and love it. That's not always possible though, and sometimes you just have to go for it.

Deb from the Curious Sofa recently mentioned on her blog that Hallmark comes to her house to take pictures because of her nice, neutral pallete. Oh how I would love to see her house- I bet it is wonderful!

I decided to e-mail her and ask her secret to the perfect paint color. She so generously wrote a lengthy e-mail back, and has agreed to let me share her tips here. I hated to keep them to myself:

1. Best thing to do is take anything from your house: (a plate, a
drawer from a dresser) of a neutral color you love and get it color matched.

2. When looking at a paint swatch, look at the darkest color to get a feel of the tone of the paint. Sometimes yellows are hidden in the lighter colors and you can't really see them until you paint an entire wall.

3. Avoid a neutral with a hint of yellow or pink. Look for hues in a true white- grey- tan family, These will work with your fabrics and accessories much better as any yellow tint can throw you off. Think Mother Nature: Colors of rocks, sand, seashells.

4. Buy a quart and paint a large area of your home. Especially if you are going to do this color in many rooms. Paint it against the
woodwork, in areas light will get to and look at it for a week or so before you make a decision.

Thanks, Deb, for your advice!
I think we've decided on Sherwin Williams' Latte.

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