Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanks little guy!

See this little guy? We helped each other out quite a bit!
A few weeks ago, he was lying in a box under a table at a flea market.
As soon as I saw him, I quickly picked him up and took him home! Well, I paid for him first, of course.
Then, believe it or not, he became famous! He was featured on Etsy's blog, The Storque!
Finally, he became my 500th sale on Etsy, and is on his way to a new, loving home.

Speaking of my 500th sale, wow! I can hardly believe that!
I can't take all of the credit though. I must acknowledge my crew:

My 2 girls: They tag along to estate sales, flea markets, and visit the post office almost daily. They actually love it- coming away with (often free) treasures themselves, and the lady at the post office is like their 3rd Grandmother! They sometimes even have pretend estate sales in our living room, and probably think all kids play "estate sale" just like them.

My husband: He (mostly) tolerates the crazy things I tend to bring home and helps me package up the big things. He also is trying to learn all of the Etsy vocabulary: convos, treasuries, the Storque, etc all to better understand my little Etsy world.

My Mom: She is my only other buyer, and has found quite a few priceless treasures! She's the one who got me started by taking me to the flea market all of my life. She also helps me all of the time with my girls, mailing things, and just about anything.

My Dad: He keeps statistics regarding my Etsy sales, because he just can't help it. I really want nothing to do with numbers, and he is all about numbers. He is always prepared to give me my "average sale/day" at any given time. He also was the first to spot the free packaging supplies that I often use (see below).

Nancy, the post office lady: She is the nicest post office worker you will EVER encounter. Just think of your packages as being blessed and sent on by a fairy godmother, because she pretty much is one. She hugs, kisses, and gives stickers to my girls everytime we come to see her. They LOVE her, and so do I.

Williams Sonoma: It (unknowingly) sponsers Bellalulu by letting me have all of their disguarded boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper. It's all from their trash pile, so I probably look like a crazy person scrounging through their trash. However, it's free, and it's the GREEN thing to do, right?

Finally, my customers: They buy my wonderful, old, unique, crazy and sometimes weird things. I'm so glad there are so many of you out there that love this stuff! I love rescuing these things and knowing they will go to wonderful new homes!


Shelley Laming said...

Congrats on making it to 500 and beyond. That number will continue to climb because you offer truly unique and charming things. Your shop (and only one other) is one that I check in with every few days because it's always interesting to see what you find.

Nibbles said...

I wish I could leave comments directly on on items on your etsy shop. "Vintage Rustic Divided Box" I thought you should know it's a typeset box. It used to hold lots of little metal letters. That's not black paint inside there, it's ink.

Jessica said...

Congrats! Your Etsy Shop really is fantastic, and it is wonderful that you have such a great supporting crew...

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fantastic operation you have! I just love flea markets too - they are getting harder to find where I am located in Canada - everything is beginning to look like the dollar store (not that I don't like the dollar store - just not at my flea markets! lol) Off to shop in your shop! lol