Friday, May 15, 2009

More on Treasuries

I love creating Etsy treasuries...I think I've already mentioned that. I love pulling together neat, neat things from different Etsy sellers. None of my treasuries have yet made it to the front page, but that is my goal!

I try to pull from each of the Etsy categories: handmade, supplies and vintage for my treasuries. That can make for such an interesting collection!

My latest favorite treasury was the one above...I just love those colors together. That wonderful child's chair, offered by vintagejane in the upper left hand corner started it all. I was determined to find some other goodies to go with it!

Here's a closer look at it:

Here are a few others I've created recently:

Let's Go to the Movies!
Who doesn't love birds these days?

A subtle circus theme.
***Here are some excellent links related to Etsy Treasuries***

*Etsy's main Treasury list:

*How to create a Treasury:

*How to see if your item is featured in a treasury:
I love this site! A handful of my items have been featured in other treasuries, and it is always a thrill to see that! My salvaged door monograms made it onto this recent treasury...actually this is from Etsy's Treasury West:
*What is Treasury West? Well, I'm not sure, other than it's a whole other grouping of Etsy treasuries. It probably gets less exposure than the main treasury list, and it is smaller, but still fun:

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