Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm sitting next to Harrison Ford

Well, not really ME...but an old globe from my shop is in this Etsy Storque article, curated by Roxana of Nerd Boyfriend.

She put together 3 collections of things, and my globe was placed in the Indiana Jones collection. Is it just wrong that I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie?

A huge thank you to Roxana...she made my day (week) with the nice compliment she made about my shop in this article!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kootoyoo...and another where are they now

I have subscribed to Kirsty's blog, kootoyoo, for a long time. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has a "sometimes shop" here. In a recent post she was showing this wonderful bag that she made from an old flour sack. Don't you love it?

Something else in the above picture also caught my eye, though. Actually, two somethings...those signs sitting on top of the mirror. They came from my shop. I had forgotten about them, but I was so happy to see them again. Thank you Kirsty for that unintentional peak at their new home! It's just perfect.