Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vintage Aquarium

Wow, this sold fast. Like within 12 hours fast. I'm glad for that, but it just needs to be appreciated a little bit longer, I think. It can live on in pictures here.

I just love the shape of its metal frame. I also love all of the possibilities it has. You could fill it up with just about anything. You could change out what goes inside each holiday. I can see vintage Christmas ornaments, Easter Eggs, etc.

As I said in my listing, Martha suggests using old aquariums for indoor water gardens. Very good idea, Martha.

I thought my silver swan looked pretty great in it.

It's pretty perfect, huh?

Dear buyer, if you ever want to return it, just let me know. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Addiction: Etsy Treasuries

I have had the pleasure of creating two Etsy Treasuries in the past couple of weeks. It's not easy to get a Treasury spot, but it's well worth the wait! More info on Etsy Treasuries coming soon!

Treasury 1 (featuring to bottom, left to right: Knocknocking, HeyYoYo, louandlee, notnewshop, mincingmockingbird, littlefishbigpond, luxedeluxe, hollandhousefabrics, *ahem* bellalulu, elizabethwrenvintage, SkylarsCandyClips, and projectgrabbag:Treasury 2: (featuring to bottom, left to right: Knocknocking, cutfromthesamecloth, gomakeme, HeyYoYo, sushipotparts, LittleOvercoat, ariaImages, amy1971, InkspotWorkshop, TillyBloom, pinkgrapefruitstyle, and FluffyFlowersVintage: